Carlo di Giacomo


Carlo di Giacomo is a fine art photographer. He was born in Rome in 1967.
He is well known for is works that explore the most intimate nature of things with a personal vision and unique idea of them that distinguishes him.
To express his art he uses digital, analogue and Polaroid equipment. It mainly deals with the micro and macro, landscape, people and urban landscape; reintroducing the themes in an exclusive way.
His favourite technique is blur and often makes use of colour.
His artistic work has been influenced by photographers such as Ernst Haas, Dora Maar, and William Klein.
He loves sculpture and painting, especially the impressionist ones and he has deepened the study of artists such as Giotto, Benozzo Gozzoli, Michelangelo, Rodin, Mitoraj and Monet.
He has studied in Rome at the Rossellini Institute of cinematography and television where he graduated with a specialization in photography. He began his journey with three great masters of world photography: Franco Fontana, Larry Fink and Joan Fontcuberta, who have definitely influenced the choice of themes and the way of photographing.
His photographs are present in the collection and in the archives of the Musèe dell’ Elisèe of Lausanne and selected by Charles Henri Favrod and in the collection of Franco Fontana at Museo Civico di Modena.
He has been reviewed by specialized magazines including Zoom, Fotocult and Fotocomputer.
He creates an international photographic project with the relative publication of an art catalog, together with the sculptor Tesei, commissioned by the Vatican, to promote peace dialogue in Israel, sponsored by Sony Ericsson and Banca Intesa.

Artist Statement


I am a fine art photographer and I use photography to express my particular vision of the world.
I love to photograph what arouses my curiosity and that pushes me to experiment with new language.
I like to share with spectators the works that arise from relationship between me and the subjects photographed, for this reason I prefer the themes that deal with micro and macro, landscape, nature, people. Also fascinated me to re-read cities photographically in an unprecedented way.
I mainly use color and blur technique, reinterpreting the subjects I photograph from my exclusive pint of view.

Exhibitions and publications


  • Winner of the Punctum Prize at the Mia Art Fair in Milan


  • Milano Photo Festival, 3-15 Oct, Fondo Malerba per la fotografia,
  • Exhibition Fotografia Diffusa, 24 Sept – 5 Oct, Tobian art Gallery di Firenze


  • FOTOCULT MAGAZINE published his Portfolio, 2019 April issue
  • Museo MIIT Torino-Internazionale Italia Arte 2019, 30 May – 8 Jun, Turin
  • ROONEE Gallery-ITALIAN PHOTO PROJECTS, 23-30 Jun, Tokyo
  • Inside “Summer jazz festival”, 10-25 Aug, Castello Ruffo di Scilla
  • Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura, 8 Nov – 2 Dec, La Habana-Cuba
  • Appa Gallery, ex Diego Velazquez studio, 28 Nov – 14 Dec, Madrid


  • Brazilian magazine GIRASOLEONLINE (n.15), cover and article


  • “Pret Art Porter”, Coronari Gallery, 18 Feb -18 Mar, Rome


  • “Fluid Flamenco”, Micro Gallery, 7-15 May, Rome


  • “Le ragioni dello sguardo”, Granai di Santa Prassede, 19-30 Dec, Rome


  • “I colori del paesaggio”, Art Gallery-Barchessa Villa Quaglia, 8-22 Sep, Treviso
  • PROFILI D’AUTORE, website magazine by published a review about his art work
  • “Art for Africa”, exhibition pro AMREF, 30 Mar – 2 Apr, Portuguese Institute in Rome


  • “Altered states of reality”, Agora Gallery, May, New York


  • FOTOCULT MAGAZINE published a review of his most recent exhibited works, in the January issue


  • FOTOCOMPUTER published the portfolio and biography in February issue n. 107


  • “On the Move”, RGB Gallery, Rome international photographic festival
  • “Photosintesi”, Galleria Luxardo, 5 Jun – 25 Jul, Rome
  • “Il bosco delle soluzioni”, RGB Gallery, 3-24 Oct, Rome
  • “Arte and Bike”, 21 Nov -11 Dec, RGB Gallery
  • Photographic award TAU Visual, the best creative photography


  • “Viaggio onirico”, Pentart Gallery, 9-16 Mar, Rome
  • “Ladscape” Makenoise gallery, international photographic festival, May, Rome
  • “Raccolta fotografica of Franco Fontana”, Museo Civico, Modena


  • “Trees in progress”, Batik Art Gallery “Sala Barna”, Barcelona
  • “Romantica”, Pentart Gallery, 20 – 26 Oct, Rome


  • Photographic book “Fotografando Roma”


  • “Progetto Nazareth” big size catalog for the sculptor Ennio Tesei, commissioned by the Vatican, sponsored by Sony Ericsson Italy and Banca Intesa
  • The MALTA SUNDAY TIMES writed the review of the catalog on 11 Sep


  • “Espressione e Movimento”, theatre “San Filippo Neri” Montefalco, sponsored by the municipality and Co.f.e.m., Perugia


  • ZOOM MAGAZINE published a series of his works, with Daniela Finocchi’s review


  • “On the move”, La mente e l’immagine Gallery, Rome


  •  “Poesie e Racconti”, La mente e l’immagine Gallery, catalogue Le Schede, Rome
  • “Click, giovane musa”, La mente e l’immagine, Catalogue Les Brochures, Rome


  • “New artists”, permanent exhibition by Chales-Henri Favrod at Musèe dell’Elisèe, Losanna


  • “La raccolta fotografica di Franco Fontana”, catalog from Grafis editions, Sala grande palazzo Comunale di Modena
  • “Sei fotografi trenta immagini”, Galleria La Mente e l’Immagine, catalog Le Schede, Rome